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Fair Trade

At Second Cup, we care where our coffee comes from. That’s why we are committed to Rainforest Alliance Certification, Fair Trade and Organic, which are built on improving the lives, lands and livelihoods of coffee-growing communities and sustaining social and economic standards.


What is it?
A trademark which certifies coffees that meet specific social and economic sustainability standards

Where can you get more information?

What products do we feature with Fair Trade certification?


What is it?
Fairly traded coffees are coffees that are purchased at a premium that reflects the care and attention put into the production of the coffee by the producer.  This premium ensures that the producer is able to reinvest in their land and people to ensure sustained development of high quality coffee.

Why does Second Cup do this?
Purchasing through direct trade relationships with farmers and mill operators, visiting the farms that grow our coffees, and paying for quality are all part of the process of ensuring that our partners in origin can continue to grow great coffee, allowing us to offer it to our guests.

What Second Cup products are fairly traded?
All Second Cup coffees are fairly traded