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Fair Trade

At Second Cup, we care where our coffee comes from. That’s why we are committed to Rainforest Alliance Certification, Fair Trade and Organic, which are built on improving the lives, lands and livelihoods of coffee-growing communities and sustaining social and economic standards.

Our tea is sourced from a member of Ethical Tea Partnership.

What is it?

The Ethical Tea Partnership was developed by the tea industry, for the tea industry and is dedicated to improving the social and environmental conditions of tea supply chains.

The Ethical Tea Partnership supports a better work environment to improve the lives of tea workers by:

  • Implementing health & safety programs and procedures
  • Providing training on safety issues including better protective clothing for workers
  • Improving water treatment and availability of clean drinking water
  • Training supervisors and managers on equal and fair treatment of workers
  • Continually supporting equal employment opportunities for men and women
  • Introducing good practice farming to secure livelihoods from tea
  • Improving labour relations

Where can you get more information?

To learn more about these sustainability initiatives around the world, visit