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INTRODUCING another way to enjoy your favourite coffee.
Experience perfectly brewed coffee at the touch of a button.

Second Cup and TASSIMO are starting an incredibly tasty adventure together and you’re invitedStarting September 13th, you’ll be able to brew our three most popular coffees at the touch of a button. Look for Second Cup Paradiso®, Paradiso® Dark and Caffé Latte (made with Espresso Forte) at any Second Cup location or and


NEW to Tassimo?

If you haven’t yet tried TASSIMO, there’s never been a better time to start. Right now, only at Second Cup locations, you’ll find our Starter Kit for only $169* with everything you need to bring home:

  • TASSIMO T65 Brewer
  • Pack of Paradiso® (regular retail price $10.99, 12 T Discs per pack)
  • Pack of Paradiso® Dark (regular retail price $10.99, 12 T Discs per pack)
  • Pack of Caffé Latte (made with Espresso Forte, regular price $12.99, 8 T Discs per pack)


A delicious duo…

We know you’ll love this new way to enjoy your Second Cup favourites in a fresh and exciting way. Second Cup and TASSIMO is a match made in heaven, or at the very least, your very own kitchen.


* Plus applicable taxes