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At Second Cup, we strive to bring you the best quality products and highest customer service – and that’s our main priority. That’s why we want to make sure you’re the first one to know about our new products, offers and contests. It’s just our way of showing you that there’s a little love in every cup.

The holidays jingle is a little closer every day and we’ve got everything you need to get in the spirit. Whether it’s a soothing warm-up treat or the perfect, can’t miss gift suggestions, you can look forward to spreading the cheer this holiday season.

Let it S’more, Let it S’more, Let it S’more

New Toasted Marshmallow Latte: Your favourite latte meets marvellous marshmallow flavour. Perfectly pulled and hand-crafted, this is a latte to savour, with tasty toasted marshmallow-flavoured whipped cream and butter-graham sugar sprinkles to top it off right.

New S’mores Hot Chocolate: All the rich and creamy hot chocolate you love, topped with a festive cloud of toasted marshmallow-flavoured whipped cream, butter-graham sugar sprinkles and a perfectly decadent chocolate drizzle. You can taste sweet holiday flavours with every sip.

New Mini S’mores Cupcake: Take a Devil’s chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting, drizzle it in milk chocolate, then top it generously with a mix of marshmallow and graham crumbs. It’s a delightfully chocolatey reward that’s sure to keep everyone on the nice list


SWEET holiday treats

New Mini Mint Brownie: Perfectly-sized for a quick bite of holiday yum. A rich chocolate brownie with a beautiful star of mint frosting, topped with fun and festive sprinkles. Makes a great reward after successfully beating the hustle and bustle.

New Raspberry & Apricot Shortbreads: Spread the holiday spirit with these wonderful shortbread sandwich cookies. Bursting with seedless raspberry or apricot jam, it’s a fruit-packed new favourite that’s sure to leave your tastebuds singing.

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noggy and nice

Eggnog Latte:
Your favourite Second Cup latte gets a taste of the holiday spirit with an infusion of steamed eggnog, topped off with whipped cream. For eggnog lovers, this is one to savour.

Candy Cane Latte: All the latte goodness you love with a refreshing hint of candy cane flavour and, for good measure, delectable white chocolate notes. It’s a great way to sweeten up a favourite with a holiday twist.

Mint Chocolate Latte: Take all the warm and creamy goodness of our hand-crafted latte and add a refreshing hint of peppermint flavour, coupled with espresso and chocolate notes. It’s a minty marvel that’s sure to have you beaming with the spirit of the season.

Holiday London Fog: Warm and soothing to brighten up even the coldest of shopping days, it’s a beautiful combination of black tea and microfoam with a hint of citrus and cherry.

Candy Cane Hot Chocolate: If you’re looking for a festive twist on an old favourite, you’ll love how the rich and creamy white cocoa partners with a hint of candy cane for a velvety smooth yuletide treat.

You can find these and many more tasty beverages at any Second Cup café starting today! Don’t forget, you can always order select drinks “skinny” and we’ll use skim milk and hold the whipped cream.

for the holidays

Holiday Blend Coffee: Back again for the season, it’s our full-bodied, rich and aromatic brew infused with a smooth sweetness that reminds you of the best of the holidays.

Holiday Blend Tea: Here for the holidays, this great seasonal pick features black teas infused with hints of cherry and orange. Rich and lightly spicy, it makes a great choice for that calm before the shopping storm.