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To Be The Best Café

At Second Cup® we have over 5,000 Trusted Coffee Experts handcrafting over 1 million coffees and teas to Canadians each week. So it’s important to us that every café experience is nothing but the best in our over 360 cafés located across the country.

How do we do this?

We care for our guests by delivering the best food, Fair Trade Coffee, design, music and wireless Internet that’s available. And we make sure that there’s a little love in every cup.


We try to create a warm welcoming café environment that is reflective of the passion for coffee shared by our guests and our coffee experts. The best café design in our minds creates an oasis from a hectic day and an ambience that encourages deep thought and a connection with people. To that end, we are bolstering the size of our cafes, adding more leather armchairs and warm touches like double-sided fireplaces.